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About Me
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For over 20 years, I've worn many titles - trainer, coach, mentor, guide - but my true passion has always been the same: helping my clients achieve their wildest dreams in RECORD TIME!

My MISSION is to guide you to discover your INNER POWER, UNLOCK your FULL POTENTIAL, break free from old patterns and habits, and create the life you've dreamed of!  


'I wish I would have found Jen sooner! Her process for clearing and moving forward is so effective.

I have reached the financial goals I've had for YEARS! Now I can start dreaming bigger!

And with Jen's guidance, I know I will reach them too.' ~Michael, TX

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The Hard Way, or The Easy Way?

You Get to Decide!

Why blindly follow the part of you that has the least amount of information? The conscious mind, the one that has your captive attention most of the day, holds the tiniest fractions of data (40 - 50 bits) for you to make decisions that affect everything in your life.


While your subconscious mind holds a vast database (11+ million bits) of information, it contains the sum of all of your experiences and beliefs. It’s also in charge of generating your emotional responses according to your past experience, beliefs, and expectations of the future.


Tapping into this treasure chest of information is where your power lies. 


Why would you dismiss this vast wealth of knowledge? It’s like tying both arms together and hopping on one foot to reach your goal - 10 miles away. You may reach your destination, but it is a freakin’ struggle. And guess what?


You don’t win any bonus cookies for doing it the hard way.


Actually, the hard way keeps you from thoroughly enjoying your goals because when you come from lack, you create beliefs around lack: everything is a struggle, if I stop, it’ll all disappear, I’m not worthy, things are only valuable if I struggle/fight to get them. 


And then you MUST continue to struggle because this is the information your conscious mind is working with UNTIL the belief you created is rewritten in the subconscious.


We can rewrite and change these beliefs when we connect with the subconscious mind.


We rewrite them and clear the rest of the information we’ve been hiding from ourselves so that we can create a different experience - 


One of prosperity, joy, love, health - becoming whole.

Let's be honest,

going after your DREAMS can feel scary, overwhelming, & lonely.

When you walk the path alone, it's easy to doubt yourself AND fall into the limits of other people's BELIEFS of what is possible - and you stop. You settle for something less than you deserve.

This doesn't need to be YOU!

Whether it's more money, health, passion, and love, a thriving, successful business, healthy, supportive relationships, or even a community that sees you - 


You DESERVE to reach your goals NOW!

Haven't YOU waited long enough?

Success Coach Gold_edited.png

'A month later, I have accomplished more than I had in the previous year, physically and financially.'

~ Marie S.R., MA


My Services.

Guiding to Success One-on-one 

Why a Guide?

Just like an experienced guide helps you navigate a treacherous mountain pass,

a skilled Guide for your transformational journey

enables you to blaze a new trail toward your goals,

builds your self-trust, and provides the

the resources you need to keep moving forward.


Picture yourself waking up to a notification that a whopping $20K has been deposited in your bank account, all because you finally freed yourself from the internal conflict that was holding you back from taking action.

And this is just the beginning!

Catalyst to Success

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve?


If so, the Catalyst to Success session is perfect for you!

During this session, we'll unlock your subconscious mind, identify the internal conflict holding you back, and work together to create powerful and lasting changes. It's like a turbo boost for personal and professional growth - helping you tap into your unique strengths, overcome obstacles, and propel yourself toward your biggest dreams.

With expert guidance and support, you'll discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and achieving the success you've always wanted. It's an empowering experience that can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.


So, are you ready to be the catalyst for your success?


What's Included:

  • 1 Session - 1.5 hours

  • 1 Week of Message Support After Session

Your Investment in You - $1500


Special Offer - Invest in a Catalyst to Success session and you have the ability to apply the cost towards any 1:1 package within two weeks after your session.

Journey to Success

Are you ready for a paradigm shift that will change your life forever? If so, keep reading!

In this two-month immersive, we'll work together to identify the internal conflicts or other roadblocks holding you back. We'll unlock and connect to your inner power, uncover the root causes of these issues, and create a paradigm shift within you - a transformational change that will unlock your full potential and propel you toward your biggest dreams and desires.

Think of it as a complete overhaul of your inner world - a chance to break free from old patterns and habits and create a life aligned with your true purpose and passions. With expert guidance and support, you'll make powerful and lasting changes that will propel you toward success and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Let's create the life you've always dreamed of.


What's Included:

  • Two Month Container

  • 4 Sessions - 1.5 hours each

  • Messaging Support Throughout the Two Months (during office hours)

  • Supplemental Guided Experiences (recorded) to Support Your Transformation


Your investment in you: $5500

Impact accelerator

My signature six-month 1:1 program to support Conscious Creators who don't just dream big but those who PLAY BIG.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, high-level executives, OR those ready to step into these roles.


Those whose way of living is centered around making a BIG IMPACT.

Taking big leaps.

Holding space for more and more people.

But know that to move and grow at lightning-fast speeds, they need someone who supports them in seeing all of the - and helps them rapidly SHIFT through blocks and obstacles as they arise.

Consider this to be having a GUIDE in your back pocket.

Someone who's always there holding you, as you hold space for everyone else.

Someone who supports YOU as you grow & expand. As you are creating an even greater impact.


This is a special six-month container, only available to a few clients.

What's included:

  • Six-Month Container

  • 10 1:1 sessions + 3 Check-In Calls  

  • Messaging Support Throughout the Six Months

  • Guided Experiences crafted to support you on your journey

  • Free access to Master Classes & all upcoming paid trainings.

Your Investment in You: $16,500

Payment Plan Available

Group Coaching Program 

Coming Soon!

Dare to Succeed, a group container

A monthly membership, with weekly group coaching, guidance, and support through the process, accountability, and the momentum you need to propel you to your goals!

Learn to:

  • Create goals that excite you

  • Create & establish habits that support you

  • Align with your goals

  • Assess where you are without judgment

  • Create new beliefs that support you

  • Clear old patterns of behavior

  • How to take aligned action 

  • Claim the outcomes you desire

Success Coach Gold_edited.png

Working with Jen brought on some immediate and powerful shifts in my energy, and in the afterglow of that wonderful experience, I am already seeing pieces of my life and business goals coming into clearer focus.


I finally identified the millimeter shift in my perspective needed to align my heart with my vision.

Crystal D., FL

I was stunned and completely taken aback by the powerful spontaneous energy shift I experienced during my first session with Jen. I now begin to deliberately cultivate my life and construct my world each day. I cannot thank Jen enough! Her work is Amazing.

Gina, Caymen Islands

Jen has been a wonderful mentor helping and leading me on my path to mindfulness, to explore and experience what had been unexplored and unexperienced, to break the shackles of our limiting beliefs, to “let go” such complexes, complaints and grudges that have not let us be at peace with ourselves and to see the world of immense possibilities within and around us.

Neeraj, FL

Let's Talk

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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