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Are you on a journey to create an amazing life?


Do you make some progress

but, find situations and people create stumbling blocks?


Do you feel incredibly high at times, just to begin questioning yourself and find doubt creeping in?


Have you begun noticing patterns in your life? Patterns that are keeping you stuck? Patterns you'd love to break, but don't know how? 


Are you ready to let go, shift, and transform?


Transform the beliefs/energy/old thought patterns that no longer serve the amazing life you are creating for yourself?

Do you believe it can be easy and lasting, and done quickly?

I have spent the last 20 years as a trainer and coach, working with clients just like you.


Brave souls who have said, 'enough is enough, there has to be another way!'


People ready to take the steps to resolve & release old patterns, old energy, old emotional baggage, holding them back.

If you are ready for transformation, let's get your Transformational Coaching Sessions scheduled.

Look around and feel free to reach out, ask questions, or say 'hi.'

Much love to you,



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Hi, I'm Jen Barber and helping people achieve their dreams is what I do!    


Here is an incomplete list of practices I share: Belief & Mindset Shifting, NLP, Certified Silva Method Instructor, Ho'oponopono, Meditation, AromaTouch Therapy, Energy Coach, Reiki, Toltec Energy Healing ...

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