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I've had many titles over the last 20+ years,

trainer, coach, mentor, guide 

but my passion has never wavered -

empowering my clients to shine a light on their magic, unleash the dreamer within and EXPAND into a life that's greater than anything they previously imagined.


'I wish I would have found Jen sooner! Her process for clearing and moving forward is so effective.

I have reached the financial goals I've had for YEARS! Now I can start dreaming bigger!

And with Jen's guidance, I know I will reach them too.' ~Michael, TX

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Let's be honest,

going after your DREAMS can feel scary, overwhelming, & lonely.

Yes, there is a process!

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Follow these steps to consistently reach your goals.


  1. Assessment: Assess without judgment. Know where you are so you can see the best path forward for you. 

  2. Breakthrough Point: Know what aspect to transform for the most significant impact on your life.

  3. Inner Work: Clear the old conditioning, old beliefs, old mindsets that are no longer serving you. Cultural conditioning teaches us to push feelings down, push through, tough it out, ignore it - all of this creates resistance in moving forward in a new way.

  4. Aligned Action: Decide on your path forward, and learn how to Know which actions will get you to your goals and which actions are just keeping you busy, but not moving forward.

  5. Create Magic & Celebrate Your Outcomes: You are powerful, beyond measure. Once you are aligned emotionally, mentally, energetically, and in your actions, the world is your energetic playground! What do you want to create?

Are you ready to create magic?

When you walk the path alone it's easy to doubt yourself AND fall into the limits of other peoples BELIEFS of what is possible - and you stop. You let your dream die.

This doesn't need to be YOU!

Whatever you can dream, it will appear.

Whether it's spiritual growth, more money, passion and love, a thriving successful business, healthy supportive relationsips, or even a community that sees you, you DESERVE to reach your goals.

What are YOU waiting for?

I can help YOU get there.

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'A month later, I have accomplished more than I had in the previous year, physically and financially.'

~ Marie S.R., MA


My Services.

One on one Coaching.

Why a coach?

Because transformation requires traveling down new paths. A great coach helps you navigate YOUR path and keep you moving forward.


Imagine waking up excited for the day, inspiration flowing through you, and you are taking action. Imagine feeling supported when times are rocky, and your figuring out how to move forward. This is what I want for you? Do you want it for You?

  • 3 Months (12 Sessions)

  • 6 Months (24 Sessions)

Group Coaching Program 

Dare to Dream, a group container

A six-month adventure, utilizing my proven process, to Unleash the Dreamer Within & Create Magic in Your Life!

Weekly group coaching, guidance, and support through the process, accountability, and the momentum you need to propel you to your goals!

Learn to:

  • Create goals that excite you

  • Create & establish habits that support you

  • Align with your goals

  • Assess where you are without judgment

  • Create new beliefs that support you

  • Clear old patterns of behavior

  • How to take aligned action 

  • Claim the outcomes you desire

Coming Soon!

Success Coach Gold_edited.png

Working with Jen brought on some immediate and powerful shifts in my energy, and in the afterglow of that wonderful experience, I am already seeing pieces of my life and business goals coming into clearer focus.


I finally identified the millimeter shift in my perspective needed to align my heart with my vision.

Crystal D., FL

I was stunned and completely taken aback by the powerful spontaneous energy shift I experienced during my first session with Jen. I now begin to deliberately cultivate my life and construct my world each day. I cannot thank Jen enough! Her work is Amazing.

Gina, Caymen Islands

Jen has been a wonderful mentor helping and leading me on my path to mindfulness, to explore and experience what had been unexplored and unexperienced, to break the shackles of our limiting beliefs, to “let go” such complexes, complaints and grudges that have not let us be at peace with ourselves and to see the world of immense possibilities within and around us.

Neeraj, FL


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison