Monday: Ready, Set, Be Awesome!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

What has Monday ever done, to get such a bad rap? Seriously?!? It's only one day of the week.

How do you do Monday?

Have you fallen into the mindset of hating Mondays? Do you begin dreading the day that always follows Sunday? Can you feel the tension in your body, thinking about the beginning of the work week?

I get it. I was right there with you.

And then I realized, it was more exhausting thinking about Monday coming, then it was to actually get through the day.

Here's where you can use one of your superpowers!

Visualization & imagination are super tools to create change. I've been teaching my students how to utilize these tools for over 20 years.

Here's a simple powerful practice:

Close your eyes -

Tune in to your body. Do you feel any tension?

Acknowledge it. It's okay. The tension is an old conditioned response.

Now, claim your power. Remember, you always have a choice. Always.

Today, you are choosing to reframe Monday.

Think about Monday, but think of Monday, as a day of possibilities.

Monday, a day of new beginnings - a new week, a new day, a day of new choices. 

See yourself feeling refreshed, clear minded, and confident.

How does the confident you walk?

How does the refreshed clear minded you greet those around you?

How does the refreshed clear minded you begin your work for the week?

Play these images over and over in your mind through the day. Allowing your body to feel the images fully.

This creates a new conditioned response.

Open your eyes and claim the wonderful new feelings.

This only takes a couple of minutes, but wow, it creates a great change for your day!

Claim your day!

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