2 Ingredients to Create a Remarkable Life

Frustrated you've had the same goals written down for years - and are still waiting for them to happen? 


Do you have a new goal, a new desire, and you feel like you're struggling, efforting, or you're not sure how to get there?

My clients come to me with the same frustrations. You are not alone. My work provides you the space and knowledge to use two powerful ingredients for creating and thriving.

What are they?

Visualization and meditation.

Incorporating meditation and visualization into your routine supercharges your progress and highlights your path.

Let's look at what these two words mean in the context of creating a remarkable life for you.


Visualization IS sensing things with your eyes closed, using all of your senses: see, hear, smell, taste, feel.

Visualization is NOT closing your eyes and 'seeing' things in technicolor. Although, some people do sense things this way. It is not the only way.

How do you visualize?

Close your eyes and think of a loved one's face; how do you sense the color and length of their hair, the shape of their face, and the color of their eyes.

This is how you visualize!

And it is perfect for you. You don't need to experience it any other way for visualization to work for you. 


And meditation?

Meditation IS the art of relaxing the brain. It's letting the thoughts flow through. Not grabbing ahold of them with our attention and then harping upon them, stressing about them, or trying to fix them.

Meditation is NOT the art of not thinking anything. That is an unattainable goal that will leave you frustrated and disregarding a powerful tool for accomplishing your goals.

Most importantly, meditation slows the brain waves down and allows us to access our place of power - the alpha brain waves.

Brain waves or the electrical activity of the brain are measured with an electroencephalograph. 

There are five types of brain waves: 

Gamma - 35+

Beta - 12 - 35

Alpha - 8 - 12

Theta - 4 - 8

Delta - .5 - 4

Alpha brain waves are activated when you are physically relaxed, your brain is calm, and you are aware. 

Alpha is the seat of your intuition. 

That's right, learn to access this level with meditation, and you are 'mentally' right where you need to be to receive guidance and inspiration - with ease.

And why are these two ingredients so powerful?

Pairing meditation and visualization calms our reptilian brain. 

The reptilian brain is the old part of our brain tied to fight or flight. Even though the Dire Wolf is not chasing you, your brain can interpret new situations and experiences as a threat - sending the body into the fight or flight response.

How does visualization help us?

As impressive as our brain is, it doesn't know the difference between something occurring in the 'real world' or something vividly imagined. 

Relaxing the brain with meditation and taking the time to visualize yourself thriving and rockin' the new situation keeps the reptilian brain from activating the flight/fight response, allowing you to attract this new goal or desire into your life with ease.

Lastly, it is easy to become aware of any resistance we have to our goal or desire in this relaxed mind and body state. Resistance is one of the biggest obstacles on the path to our goals. 

Often we can sense this resistance in our body. 

Commonly it feels like tension, pressure, or tightness in the throat, chest, solar plexus, or stomach.

But it can be any sensation that stands out in this relaxed state.

While tuning in to the feeling, or gently focusing on the sensation, you can become aware of what this resistance represents. 

Sometimes it's a light fear or apprehension: Can you do this? How are things going to change? What will others think?

Calm these thoughts quickly with the pairing of meditation and visualization.

Or, you may become aware of a conflicting belief that you have: I'm not good enough. I can't do this. This doesn't happen to people like me. I'm not smart enough. Etc. 

These thoughts will stop us in our tracks as we move towards our goals and desires.

Clear your path

These beliefs/thoughts can be changed quickly and permanently, utilizing meditation and visualization. However, we often need a coach to guide us through this process. 

There you have it, three reasons to pair meditation and visualization: calm the reptilian brain, access the alpha brainwaves, and become aware of any resistance you may have about your goal.

Bonus tip:

Have someone guide you through the meditation and the visualization. When you allow someone to guide you, you stay focused and relaxed, which is essential for your success. 

Are you ready to give it a go and create a remarkable life? 

Join me live Wednesdays at 10 am (EST), in the FB group: Expand Your Greatness Community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ExpandYourGreatnessCommunity), where I guide you through a meditation, give you time to create, and tune-in to gain guidance and inspiration. 

With love & excitement for your success,


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