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Hi There, I'm Jen!

I have guided people to access and harness the power of their subconscious mind for over 25 years.


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my clients attain their dreams & desires - at lightening speed!


What are your dreams and desires?


The ones that put a HUGE grin on your face when you think of them.

And the ones you don't feel comfortable sharing BECAUSE they feel SO BIG.


What if you fail? What if you can't figure it out?


But deep down, you KNOW it's meant to be yours.


So you comb through the Grams and the FaceBooks, searching for the next manifestation tips. 


You've cut out words like should, will, wish, and want.


Nothing happens.


You meditate, 'why am I sitting here? My butt hurts, and my mind won't stop ...' - but I'm really not a meditator.'


Nothing happens.


And yet, you know you are capable of ACHIEVING it.



I’ve got you. Let's take that BIG GOAL off the shelf and make it yours.


Whether it's learning to make significant shifts, so you can make a massive impact with your business and make more money than you've ever imagined, or you are ready to align and attract a fantastic partner that treats you the way you deserve.


The work you do within my programs supports YOU in making the impossible possible.


But you don't have to believe me when I say it, as I've got the results and testimonials to back all of this up.


Below is a list of what some of my clients have achieved.


Most of this is in just ONE session.


What could happen in four sessions?


Or even in a year?


Unlimited possibilities are waiting for you.

Client Successes

  • Copywriter - lost all of their accounts at the beginning of the Corona Virus outbreak. Stressed, overwhelmed, and scared. The first week used the time to find peace, recenter, & clear limiting beliefs around possibilities. Then began to create. Within 2.5 weeks, they filled their schedule with new clients and were given an opportunity to write a book (in progress). In 30 days, they had surpassed their income for the prior year.

  • IT Manager, lost his job and was expected to retire, he was 64, which he didn’t want to do. After the session, clearing limiting beliefs, blocks around age, and money, he was hired at a dream job, 30% increase in pay.

  • Client - Trouble sleeping and lack of self-confidence. Cleared old trauma energy, immediately able to sleep. In a short time, they applied for and received a promotion at work.

  • Artist - Stuttering, fear of public speaking, fear of sharing art. Cleared old trauma and beliefs. Zero stutterings, speaks to groups, shares her art openly, and wrote a book.

  • Client -  Service industry w/ expectation for sales - With his new position, sales were going to affect his income directly. Hated to sell, couldn’t sell. Cleared blocks and the next day he sold his first sales agreement, and they continued to sell easily. He became one of his company's top sellers.

  • Client - Came to me recently divorced w/ 3 children. She didn’t have a job and wanted to be self-sufficient while keeping the quality of life she and her children were accustomed to. We did work around clearing trauma and shifting beliefs. Synchronicities led her to an amazing career where she thrives in every way.

  • Client - Writer/CopyWriter - her husband died, and they had used all of their savings for cancer treatments. She was left with zero savings, and little income. She shared an apartment with terrible roommates. After 1 session, she secured enough work to move into an apartment of her own (she lives in Boston, MA where housing is incredibly expensive). She secured more writing assignments in the two months that followed our work together, surpassing her combined 2 years' income. She has been upward since then - filled with confidence and creativity.

  • Reiki Practioner - Self-worth issues, was unable to promote her business. For over a year, she struggled with building a website. Cleared blocks and shifted beliefs, and connected to her Higher Self; that week, she created and launched a website and has been keeping a filled schedule since then.

  • Professor - unfulfilled, unclear around goals, and feeling unaligned. Did some deep clearing work around beliefs and connected to her Higher Self. Her direction was shown, and the synchronicities led her down an exciting new path. A new career where the work and pay were much more satisfying.

  • Small Business Owner - Struggling to bring in new clients, and he needed to memorize a speech to give an organization he belonged to. He was terrified and didn’t think he could do it. Increased client list and then sold the business for a huge profit. And easily did the presentation.

  • Small Business Owner - had others running the business and was finding it more and more difficult to go outside. She came to me when her back was to the wall. She had to go to the government office to renew her business license or close her business. This meant going out and sitting around a large group of strangers for hours. She was terrified. After one session of clearing and she confidently strolled into the building and sat comfortably with all those strangers, and renewed her license.

  • IT - Guilt around his fiancee giving up her excellent job to come to live with him - he couldn’t set a wedding date. Fear around finances and having enough. After sessions, he could set the date and feel good about it. He then had an exciting opportunity to create a business with his best mate. ‘Everything is falling into place.’

  • Clients - 2 new Coaches - Both were unsure of their abilities. We uncovered fear around promoting themselves and showing up. They both have very busy coaching businesses’ and one is now in the process of creating online training.

  • Realtor - Successful business but couldn’t find a loving partner (63 yrs old). Cleared and quickly found an amazing soul to complement her life - living in luxury, traveling, and having fun.

Are you ready to make the impossible POSSIBLE for you?
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